Organizational Negotiations, Miami School District

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Miami School District

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Miami School District

In a world where parents and students continually fight to make education worth something as it is known today education is the key to the success of a child's life. Families with children tend to make decisions about where to live based on the school districts rankings, class size and overall standings in a specific area. When he or she are a parent the child or children's education starting in the early years has an effect on the rest of that's child's life through all levels of education, so there is a measure of importance to start early in school districts that meet a parents expectations and the child or children's needs being it academic or social. In the world today parents have found major difficulty seeking public education that is suitable for most parents and children.

Miami/Dade school district is ranked 61/72 in the state according to PSK (PSK). The rankings can be made up of several statistical data areas for the overall ranking of the district.

This plan is being constructed to address the stakeholders concerns, about the quality of education, the increase in travel time for the students, economic and cultural boundaries that may be crossed, any effects the redistricting plan will have on property values as well as the social impact on the children.

With any strategic plan the stakeholders must be identified in order to answer specific questions to specific areas of concern. The stakeholders in the Miami School Districts redrawing boundaries plan would be defined as the parents, students' schools and the communities that are affected by the redrawing. The parents have...