Organizational Process Recommendation

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESS RECOMMENDATION Organizational Process Recommendation Organizational Process Recommendation Both industrialized and developing countries now have modern installations capable of highly efficient fabric production. In addition to mechanical improvements in yarn and fabric manufacture, there have been rapid advances in development of new fibres, processes to improve textile characteristics, and testing methods allowing greater quality control. The modern textile industry is still closely related to the apparel industry, but production of fabrics for industrial use has gained in importance. The resulting wide range of end users demands a high degree of specialization ("Textile Industry ", 2010, p. 1). Quality Textiles International is an organization that weaves fabric and then prepares the required sheet lengths as desired by customers. They have received recent complaints that the fabric weight, measured in oz per square inch, is not meeting customer requirements, which are very close to the control limits. Quality Textiles International's quality assurance department checks the fabric weight on regular basis and knows that their process for fabric weight has a mean of 2.73

oz/in2, and a standard deviation of 0.31 (, 2010, p. 1). I have called upon to conduct a thorough analysis and recommend a quality improvement process for Quality Textiles International. I first conducted fifty random samples of material weight. I then calculated the sample mean by adding all the weight together and then dividing it by fifty, the mean came to 2.9812 oz/in2. I then calculated the standard deviation which came to 0.523086. The standard deviation is Standard deviation is a statistical value used to determine how spread out the data in a sample are, and how close individual data points are to the mean, or average, value of the sample. The population mean to be in line with quality control standards is 2.73 oz/in2...