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Organizations must develop methods for ensuring that high-performance is encouraged. High-performance organizations achieve greater success than traditional organizations. All organizations experience forms of stress. Strategies can be implemented to manage and reduce stress in the workplace. Trends continue to emerge in high-performance organizations and new stress management techniques have developed over time.

The characteristics of a high-performance workplace is to increase focus on people's influence on a business, impact of processes, technology, environment, leadership to inspire and direct employees and the resources that will improve their work (Gartner, 2005). High-performance in the workplace will allow employees to network and complete necessary tasks effectively. High performing organizations can be large to small businesses. The characteristics of high-performance organizations, their leaders are skilled, fair, and set clear expectations. They hire the best people for the job and convey to employees that their behaviors and motivation influence the success of the organization.

Employees of a high-performance organization think highly of their jobs, they work together in teams and comply with the organizations ethical standards. Last, a high-performing organization believes in shared vision throughout the organization.

High-performance workplaces and organizations are always going to have an enormous amount of work to do rather than the traditional organization. The high-performance workplaces have an increase of operations, work stress, and along with dynamics. The traditional workplace has about half the amount of dynamics and operations effectiveness of what a high-performance organization would. The stress can also transition from a high-performance to a traditional working environment. For many of us in a traditional workplace, we're required to put in 40 hours, even though the job only takes about 25 according to Buschor, (2009).

Organizations must develop polices to promote a healthy work environment and managing stress. Management should be training on understanding what causes stress...