Outline and Literature Review on Management

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Literature Review Outline

Motivation of employees and creating harmony in the workplace

Three issues that considerably add to higher levels of employee motivation and performance, Nemerov (1993)

Supervisors should enhance the motivational climate in the workplace, Atwood (2004)

Employees Motivation and Theories and their Implication for Employee

Retention within Organizations, Ramlall (2004)

Management style of managers in Sierra Leone is based on autocratic-democratic approach

Employee can be motivated and retained with concerns, and listening to the problems that arise and working with participatory, David and Christine (1998).

Instilling satisfaction within employees is a crucial task within

management, Mark and Robert (1998)

Western theories are relevant to Sierra Leone practice of motivation, which has proved useful

Employee Retention

A stable workforce can bring a competitive advantage in today's turbulent

workforce in Sierra Leone

The most valuable workforce in organization is having a pool of

workforce of competent and dedicated employees, Maslow (1990, p.61)


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The global marketplace is unattractive doing business. The piece of writing explains the difficulty in motivating workers and offers job contentment. The article presents evidence of study carried out from successful firms that uphold an atmosphere that...