Participation in Sport and Physical Activity

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Sport and physical activity is a major thing in the lives of many people in Australia. The people in Australia intend to spend more of their time on leisure than their work.

Involvement in sports or physical activity mainly depends on two factors. The two factors are personal factors and socio cultural factors.

Personal factors are those that factors that are unique to a particular person and directly affect that person's regular capacity to be involved in sport and physical activity.

The socio cultural factors that may influence participation in sport and physical activity are shown below:

I have started my schooling in Kuwait and finished my primary schooling in Adelaide, Australia. So I had many different types of influences and encouragement from my friends and family depending on where I lived.

During my primary schooling in Kuwait I was involved in many sports and physical activities. In school I used to play badminton and basketball during my physical education lesson.

I always had interest in cricket as I have been brought around the culture of my parents and friends who always loved to watch cricket and also play cricket for fun.

Outside school we had a very big social group of Indians. And in this social group they used to organise physical activities and events for children. Whenever there events I always used to be involved in running races, sack relay and many other events that they used to conduct 6 years ago in 2004 and before. In Kuwait there was very hot and long summer. So this meant that everyone mainly stayed inside and very much involved in indoor activities.

We came to Adelaide, Australia in February 2005; in the beginning I didn't know anyone at school so I wasn't very active in sport. I just used...