Perfect Position Paper

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Running Head: Perfect Position Paper

Perfect Position Paper

Milton Ramos

University of Phoenix

LDR/531 Organizational Leadership

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Margaret Ettenheim

July 22, 2010

Workshop 4, Assignment 4


The organizations behavior and structure is influenced by the individual managers and the organization itself. Individual behavior is affected by the ability to perform, job satisfaction, personality, preferences and the effect of that satisfaction to the organization through motivation, values, and willingness to learn and perform. All individual factors influence, shape, and structure leadership, communication, team work, and decision-making. The opposite is true if the individual does not share common interest and vision with the organization, power struggles, conflicts and politics will suppress performance and growth within the organization resulting in personal dissatisfaction and poor performance. Organizational policies and structures also affect the individual's performance and behavior leading to success or failure in the organization.

I have the opportunity to determine the position that would best suite my personality, values, attitudes, motivational drivers, communication skills, team work preferences, leadership styles, aspirations for growth and ability to handle different situations based on my profile. This paper will determine what job would be best suited to my leadership style and personality profile for maximum benefits for the organization and for me as an individual and professional. Evaluation of my strength and weaknesses against my leadership style and personality profile from the self assessment will compare and contrast different leadership theories to further understand and modify my leadership approach to become a more effective leader.


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