Performance Appraisal

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InterClean Team

Performance Appraisal

And Development Plan

HRM 531

University of Phoenix

InterClean Team

Performance Appraisal

And Development Plan

December 21, 2009


The objective of the InterClean sales team performance appraisal and development plan is to enhance the growth opportunities for the employee's and demonstrate progress relative to performance improvements. Additionally, the development plan is to ensure employees understand the planned guidelines established for feedback, development, growth opportunities, flexible opportunities, diversity considerations, and justification for plans. A performance management document is provided to assist managers and employees as an attachment to the plan.


To obtain maximum success through the performance appraisals and development programs each individual should possess certain responsibilities as outlined. The effort will be an ongoing with performance management timeline:


Managers will be responsible for ensuring the success of the performance management by providing the necessary time commitments to discuss business goals and objectives, performance standards, and developmental goals with each employee individually.


Employees will actively participate in the performance management program by developing strong - measureable goals & objectives, clearly understand the expectations of performance, and work with management to define and reach developmental goals.

Feedback Timelines

A performance management tool is valuable when feedback is available throughout the year and formalized sessions are scheduled regularly.

Key Dates



January - March

Manager and employee discuss goals and objectives for the year, agree on the employee's BG&Os, and identify and discuss development goals. Manager and employee also discuss performance expectations for Performance Values.


Managers and employees discuss performance against Business Goals & Objectives, Performance Values and progress on their development plan.


Managers conduct Performance Management Interim Reviews with employees.

November - January

Managers close out Performance Management Reviews with...