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Running Head: Performance Appraisal and Development Plan

Performance Appraisal and Development Plan

Milton Ramos

University of Phoenix

HRM 531 Human Capital Management

Group: PA10MBA02

Instructor: Kristine Pak

April 29, 2010

Workshop 4 Assignment 4

To accomplish the organizational goals Interclean/EnviroTech will be focusing on developing a comprehensive organizational and individualized performance management program for the employees who will lead the strategic objectives. The management team has identified the training and mentoring needs, training and mentoring program objectives, performance standards, and alternative venues. Using the three phase model Interclean/EnviroTech managers and human resources have successfully taken inventory of the current skill level of the new management team through the assessment phase. Understanding the current skills, gaps and areas for improvement has allowed us to develop and create a training plan that will be aligned with the strategic direction. Interclean/EnviroTech has developed a plan and the tools to manage effectively and track employee performance.

The performance management program will indicate the employee's current performance and direction against the organizational goals; will outline the employee's desired direction and help guide the employee toward the organizations goals and objectives (Cascio, 2005).


Interclean/EnviroTech's performance management systems main objective is to enhance the skills for every employee, provide each employee with the opportunity to set personal and organizational goals for growth and advancement, track performance improvement, and identify areas of improvement. The performance management system is also intended to establish consistent criteria for evaluations, feedback, growth opportunities, development needs, flexible opportunities, diversity considerations, justification for the performance management plan and ownership of the process from the organization and employee.


As outlined in the objectives both the employee and organization will have equal responsibility for the performance management program, more specifically the performance appraisal process.

Managers will be responsible for...