Political Analysis of the Novel 'V for Vendetta'

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Fall 2010

'V for Vendetta'

A Political Analysis

In this paper I would like to focus on the masses and Evey in 'V for Vendetta' since they seem to me a close correlation to what is occurring today. In this essay, I will be going over the political consciousness of these entities, their growth over the course of the novel, what ideas and conclusions drive them to make the decisions that they do, and what commitments they hold to their political ideals or parties. Before we can discuss these ideas however, we must first have an understanding of the terms used. When we are referring to political consciousness, it is referring to how informed and aware the character is of their political environment, as well as their own political ideology. We shall also take a look at the similarities and differences between Evey and masses in regard to their feelings and reactions to V and to the existing government.

In order to properly understand the reactions from Evey and the masses of Britain, we must first analyze how they came to be where they currently are and their mindset in regard to the existing government. The population Britain have survived the annihilation of the world that they once knew, leaving them scared and confused with no central voice to help them though this crisis. This clears the way for a fascist regime to install itself, by the name of 'Norsefire'. They quickly quell any uprising and bring order back to the streets before instating their real objectives. This new government rounds up all of those that they deem "undesirable", (gays, gypsies, blacks, ect.) and forbids any old culture that they don't approve of. Such an environment makes it much easier for the officials to instill...