Political System

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Political System

BUS230 Unit 1 Individual Project


I have picked Wal-Mart and Australia. I need to talk about the overview history of Wal-Mart and why is it a potential market? Do they have political legal systems if so what are they, what are the benefits from them. Does Australia offer free elections like we do in the United States. Does the government care about its country or more worried about the money they are making. Does the legal system have a court room or even police. Below you will find all the answers and a bunch more on why Australia should have a Wal-Mart in its country.

Political System in Australia

Wal-Mart has been in business since 1962 it was build in Rogers, Ark. Sam and his wife Helen wanted not only to help the country but was convinced that this is what America needed.

He wanted to believe that America wants imported goods, or a one stop shop of everything. In 1972 Sam had saved enough money over ten years to open 15 more locations. He also decided to open a stock for Wal-Mart with the New York Stock Exchange.

By the end of the decade Same and Helen had over 276 store in a eleven different states. That's impressive, his business grew that much, maybe his thinking was right. Sam's motto is give your customers what they want. A poll was taken in the 21st century on the Wal-Mart stores. It is the number one retailer store worldwide they have over 2.1 million associates.

With an outstanding 8,446 store and club locations as well in America and 15 other countries. They deal with over 176 million customers a year. What other store can you say...