Popular American Culture

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An inventory of every artifact of popular culture was recorded that I came in contact with over the course of a three-day period. Each popular culture I am confronted with is design to help me understand the concepts of how my decisions are being influenced. Based on the 3-day period of culture artifact, I will explain how each impacted me and how it affected my personal decision-making

Popular American Culture

PopularAmerican culture deals with everything that happens within a society. The culture results from our daily interactions, needs, desires and cultural occasions that make up our everyday lives. It is a culture that is practiced and carried from one generation to another. It covers every aspect of our living traditions that is mass-produced or simulated through mass media (J.R. & S.R. Wilson, 2001).

In the inventory listing of artifacts there were patterns that indicated my favorite eatery to the type of entertainment I enjoyed.

The restaurant I visited with my family, were of different varieties. The American restaurants were all foods that I had eaten from childhood. Some I was introduced by friends and others I had sampled or preferred on my own. The Chinese and Mexican food my family and I enjoyed were not introduced from childhood these were food I had grown to love from experimental and sample dining. The music I listen to on the radio and the music video I watched on television were favorites I personally enjoyed. The news on TV and the radio, were both part of a culture I consider necessary in order to be inform on local and world affairs.

The shopping I did at Auburn Village mall and Tigertown shopping center were simply done to fulfill a need or enjoyment. The...