Power Play for Howard

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Case Analysis: Power Play for Howard

MGT 445

Case Analysis: Power Play for Howard

Below is an observation of negotiations that occurred in the National Basketball League, between star player Juwan Howard, the Washington Bullets' and the Miami Heat during a "bidding war" for Howard's employment with the NBA (Brubaker, Asher, Solomon, and Adande, n.d.). The analysis offers a summary of the negotiations between Howard and both NBA teams. Also included is an evaluation of the intangible and tangible benefits, costs, and risks associated with the negotiations that occurred while Howard as a free agent.

Juwan Howard had developed into a star during his time in the National Basketball Association (NBA). After completing his first contract season with the Washington Bullets and becoming a free agent, Howard became the center focus of two teams vying for star player through negotiation.

The Washington Bullets initially drafted Howard in 1994 with a $37.5 million dollar contract giving him the option to become a free agent after fulfilling his first season. Howard believed the initial contract was for less than what he was valued, but signed the contract with the agreement to become a free agent. During his initial season, Howard's success on the basketball court made him a viable player in the NBA. In addition, to his success on the basketball court, Howard was also active in his hometown community and built a large hometown fan base. Howard's first experience with players recruiting him for other teams began during the summer of 1996. This experience had a positive effect on the way Howard saw his success on the basketball court and his time in the NBA.

As a free agent, Howard's agent David Faulk began selling...