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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper



Solving a problem sounds like a simple task, but when a problem is at an analytical and dissection phase the most important thing is that true critical thinking takes effect. Not only does have an impact on all current and future issues it has an effect on what can and cannot be done. Problem formulation and identification of the problem can and more often than none aids in resolving mostly all known issue within the company. Throughout this paper comparing and contrasting of problem identification and formulation styles in the chosen team's organization will be the point of discussion.

Comerica Bank - Deductive Thinking and Ethics

Comerica Bank is a large business bank, with operational centers and branches located in Michigan, Texas, and California. The operation centers are very statistically driven, with success measured on key performance measurements (K.P.M.'s).

Occasionally a problem will arise operationally that needs to be immediately resolved. All decisions made by the bank are based on one key style; Deductive Thinking, with the planning phase centralized around ethics.

Deductive thinking takes two or more premises and derives a conclusion from those premises (Gary Kirby, 2007). When faced with operational problems, staff members and managers break the problem down into detailed segments. Each segment in analyzed to determine what portions of the problem are related to each other. Once this is determined, management looks at the different forces of influence on the problem. In operations some critical forces of influence are: time of day, portfolio alignment, number of staff members on hand at the time of the problem and verification processes. Understanding the logic behind the problem and how the pieces relate to each other allows management to determine what the cause -...