Problem Solution: Best Snacks, Inc

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Problem Solution: Best Snacks, Inc.

Cheri Modica

University of Phoenix


Problem Solution: Best Snacks, Inc.

Best Snacks, Inc. will assess past procedures, management practices, and its organizational culture to facilitate the changes needed to strengthen its position in the snack industry and to make the company a model of innovation and creativity.

Describe the Situation

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Despite its huge success, Best Snacks is facing several major issues within the organization. One is the compatibility of the company's organizational structure and organizational culture. Another is that the company is growing rapidly, so change is inevitable in the near future. In this environment, a project manager plays a crucial role in initiating new ideas and processes and influencing employees to accept these changes. Thus, appropriate and superior leadership is essential during the transition. If Best Snacks wants to be a constant presence in the industry, the company must address these issues.

"Innovation is the process by which organizations use their resources and competencies to develop new or improved goods and services or to develop new production and operating systems so that they can better respond to the needs of their customers" (Jones, 2004, p. 403). Because change requires innovation to be successful, Best Snacks must assess and restructure the company, allowing for the introduction of new processes, technologies, and services to move the organization toward this new strategy and way of doing business. Best Snacks must establish the steps it must take for the new direction to be successful. Also, an evaluation of the company's external environment, including strengths and weaknesses, and an assessment of the company's current talent and skill sets must be undertaken.

The current organizational structure of Best Snacks is a functional design. According to...