Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

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Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

OPS /571: Operations Management

August 30, 2010



Production Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

In this paper, Team B discusses strategic capacity planning and lean production for new process design and supply chain processes for the electric fans at Riordan Manufacturing. This discussion is an outpouring of research and brainstorming between team members and begins with a newly designed supply chain to increase value, followed by an evaluation of factors that guide strategic capacity planning and an analysis of current applications of lean production. A concluding section summarizes Team B's analysis of findings.

Newly Designed Supply Chain

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastic manufacturer with a plant in Hangzhou, China, produces plastic fan blades and fan housings. The operation is a joint venture between Riordon Manufacturing and a consortium of Chinese nationals.

The electric fans are assembled with an electric motor and sold as a finished product. Riordan will be moving the electric fan production plant to the city of Shanghai, China, to take advantage new markets. The process design for the electric fans will include Material Requirement Planning for the entire process.

New Process Design

The new process design for electric parts will be raw material received by the receiving department. The molding department will create the fan's plastic parts and the trimming department will shave off extra plastic parts before going to the assembly department. The new design will require that the molding department create a precise fan part that requires less trimming. This will shorten trimming time and the assembly of plastic fan parts to the motor will be much faster. This will decrease the amounts of outputs generated by the molding process and trimming process. Destroying waste...