Professional Knowledge and Abilities

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Mandy Duea

Axia College of University of Phoenix

There are a variety of professional organizations or associations all over the world that individuals can choose from found to be interesting. That is why there are also a variety of university colleges in the world so that individuals can gain the knowledge that is required for individuals to work in the field that is of their interest. I have always been interested in Psychology. With my interest in the Psychology field it is a requirement to begin my first goal in which is to become an affiliated with the American Psychological Association.

The American Psychological Association is an association that is commonly distinguished on containing a variety of tasks. For instance, the association aspects that guarantee that the associates obtain support for their professional occupations like practitioners, academicians along with investigators as well as sustaining the strength of the organization.

Furthermore, the logical task in which helps to support psychology as a logical regulation (2008).

The American Psychological Association is also an organization that corresponds to psychology here in the United States. Roughly around 150,000 associates are employed within the association of psychology internationally. However, it does not only support studies in the diverse fields of psychology but it also has scheduled conference time frames to better assist in supporting communication skills with psychology professionals, credentials, negotiations as well as periodicals.

Most Psychologists contain a standard organization that characterizes them along with supporting their occupation. In addition to this, the American Psychological Association also presents various other benefits to associates. In 2007 the American Psychological Association only corresponded to individuals who contained a doctoral in psychology within the United States (2008).

However, the American Psychological Association has developed numerously...