Proposal for AaNew Health Care System Identify Your Vision, List Advantages and Disadvantaged and any New Problems Your Proposed System Would Create.

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Proposal for a New System

HCA 210

April 3, 2010

Stacy Hull Vance

Proposal for a New System

The health care system within the United States requires change. This new system emphasizes change to improve the complexity of health care, availability of quality service, and affordability. Too often, Americans face locating the right provider within their network and ensuring continuity of care when several providers are involved. The cost of health care should not be a barrier for those who require service or for those responsible for payment. I propose for all health care workers providing service to Americans considered as participating providers within this new system and adhere to a standard set of billing practices.

Preventing Complexity

Americans with health care coverage are limited to providers within the health insurance company's network. They can be responsible for large out-of-pocket expenses if they choose to see a provider outside the network. With this new system, Americans will have the ability to see any provider within the United States without dealing with the bureaucracy of determining their status; also, there will be no additional financial obligation. I also propose one electronic medical system that can be accessed and placed in service throughout the country by patients and providers to provide continuity of care. Having such a system will improve the communication between providers regarding patient diagnoses and treatment as well as giving patients the access to become involved in the improvement of his or her care. Quality of care is essential for preventing health care issues and providing accurate health assessments. Members may be required to change providers because of a change in their carrier or network or worst because of the lack of care, treatment or level of competence provided. Americans with a choice can set the bar for...