Proposal Package

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Proposal Package

University of Phoenix

March 22, 2010

Cover Letter

The goal is over the next 18 months to develop a system that will allow for the production of both our generic electric fans and personalized fans offered at our China location to become a more stream line process and adopt more of a just-in-time manufacturing approach. In order to make this process a reality the IT department will sent a request to develop an automated ordering system that will allow for quick and accurate tracking of inventory level and ordering of new inventory. The IT department will also be requested to order new bar coding systems that will allow for all merchandise and raw materials to be bar coded, and will decrease the time needed to verify new shipments. The suggestion will also be made to supplement the supply chain by adding an additional provider of electronic fan motors since the company currently being used does not have a perfect track record of dependable on time deliveries of needed inventory. Supplementing this provider will increase the successfulness of the company's change from a stock-to-market approach to a just-in-time manufacturing approach.

Materials Requirement Plan

Materials Requirement Planning is an integral part of any manufacturing based business. According to The Free Dictionary's definition of materials requirement planning is that this system "provides the user with information about timing (when to order) and quantity (how much to order), generates new orders, and reschedules existing orders as necessary to meet the changing requirements of customers and manufacturing" (2009). This definition of materials requirement planning illustrates the importance of having an excellent system in place to make certain that ordering needed materials is done in an orderly fashion that allows for the needed materials to be on hand, but will not result in an...