Qualitative vs Quantitative

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Research Approaches: Qualitative vs Quantitative


This paper aims to give an idea of various ways of qualitative and quantitative research approaches. In this paper we identify the a distribution scenario of research ways depending upon its requirements. This paper attempts to highlight fundamental properties that a market model should have.

The principal findings of this study is

To analyse the various ways of approaches

The feasibility of the research approaching ways

The significance of Qualitative Research Approach

The significance of Quantitative Research Approach

The comparison and utilization of two approaches in varied field.


The paper discusses and analyses methodological problems and

special relationship between quantitative and qualitative approaches of research for a project

Managing various levels of project through the techniques as per requirement.

My main concern about the research is to evolve the appropriate method that can could be either Quantitative or Qualitative depending upon the ups and downs occurring in the research study of the project.

Further steps are taken to study the project research and a combined study of both Qualitative and Quantitative method approaches is done. The aim to do this study is design a project which has equivalent and preferred way of approach. We do not know enough to arrange efficient flexible learning, especially concerning collaborative learning using forum systems (Moore & Kearsley, 1996).

The main focus of the research is the varying ways in which different groups will frame the potential of doing a project or a task. Some will no doubt see it as presenting great hope, but for others it will present great risk. By exploring how these frames are shared and developed by different groups and organizations the research will be promoted. In particular research a researcher will seek for

Identify the key scientific, regulatory requirements of the project.