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Journal Article Critical Review

Name: M Salman Ifthikar

Student Id:77009131

Tutor:Lawrence bailey

Module: Research Methods

Course :Msc Marketing

Project Rationale

Kavak, B & Gumusluoglo L (2007) Segmenting Food Markets - The role of ethnocentrism and lifestyle in understanding purchasing intentions', International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 49 (1), pp. 1-12.

The purpose of this article is to look deeper into the consumer market and identify reasons behind purchasing, analysing the use of personal lifestyle research has shown that ethnocentrism and lifestyle has centralised on attitudinal segmentation. Nevertheless purchasers may not always be consistent with all the purchasing decisions. After all behaviour intentions are more proximal predictors in the market which analyse attitudes and behaviours of how segmenting markets are using purchasing intentions in a more appropriate attitude. Lifestyle and ethnocentrism are very useful sources of indication of segmenting food markets, Ethnocentrism, lifestyle along with its dimensions of today's fashion consciousness, cost consciousness, health consciousness, and craftsmanship and demographics prove to be correct instruments in segmenting domestic food markets.

Using ethnocentrism variables as tools and demographic variables to relate the layout of this well developed and structured and reasoned research goes along suggesting life style and ethnocentrism has a major role in affecting the intentions of purchasers in food industry. Research is well supported with an up to date detailed questionnaire based market research elaborating conclusions illustrating summarised tables.This Structured report with its secondary research and a great flow of findings in the market.

Survival in a business is a difficult route but business itself means surviving and with the increasing globalization it has become evident that businesses need to increase and move on to developing new markets to survive competition. In environment competition is always increasing national boundaries Companies who then try to increase their markets by...