The Role of Performance Appraisals in the Wider Context of Management. Evaluate the Role of Performance Appraisals Within the Wider Context of Performance Management?

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Evaluate the role of performance appraisals within the wider context of performance management?�

Performance Management;

Armstong and Baron (2003) defines Performance Management as 'a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance''. Tim Hannagan (2005) further explains that performance Management systems 'are designed to establish individual objectives which assist the achievement of corporate objectives and monitor progress in accomplishing them'. In other words performance management should be;

Strategic- it is about broader issues and long terms goal

Integrated- it should link various aspect of the business, people management and individuals and teams.

The term performance management is not only concerned with following regulatory requirements to apprise and rate performance. Assigning ratings and records are only part o the overall process. Performance Management is the systematic process of Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Appraising and Taking Appropriate Action to maintain or improve performance.

The following is a brief explanation of each step:


This is the first step in the performance management cycle and provides the foundation for an effective process. Planning is the process of setting performance expectations and goals for groups and individuals to channel their efforts toward achieving organisational objectives. The primary question to be answered here is: What is expected? or in other words "What is the objective?" Planning helps to encourage commitment and understanding by linking the employee's work with the organisation's goals and objectives.


This step involves executing or implementing the planned performance in the intended way. It is a waste of time to plan and not implement the plan, as the saying goes word without action is dead so too is planning without implementing.


Monitoring performance is about ensuring expectations are being met. Effective...