The small countries in the International Relations

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The small countries in the International Relations

Northwith standing the quantity of small countries all over the world they are still less studied. In the theory of the International Relations the interest over the problems of small countries increases but slowly.

There is no final answer to criteria of determination of the type of the small countries. A small country , first of all is weak in view of military and political development. This quality plays the most important part in its place, role and possibilities in the system of international relations. It also determines its foreign policy and priorities of national security.

Since their creation small countries hit the violent world. They can't reasist this violence in a military way so the only instrument they can use their diplomacy.

Through the effective diplomacy these countries have a strength to use mechanism of balance and to conduct useful connections. With this they would be able to "borrow" strength and to have their voice heard to find compassion and support.

In foreign policy it's a tried way to use connections, while hierarchy of defining factors of international relations. The connections stay small countries' strong instrument. It's typical of a small country to stick potential aggressor , i.e., to get connected to the country it expects a huge danger from.

After dismissal of the Soviet Union, the small countries formed a new type of groups of pest Soviet countries. For the first time in history market-economy oriented democratic countries were formed after. The ruin of a multi- national totalitarian empire of the Soviet Union which had a centralized economy. These newly formed countries try to rise and find their place in the system of International Relations in the most difficult conditions. In these countries elements of civil society and ethnic nationalism were...