Stand-alone, Renewable Energy Power Systems – An Annotated Bibliography

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Stand-alone, renewable energy power systems - An annotated bibliography

By Alex Rutherford

Brain, Marshall. "How Power Grids Work." Retrieved April 4, 2010, from

This website article published by Marshall Brain gave a great overview of how power grids work, beginning with the generation, right through to the transformation and distribution of the electricity. It focused a lot on the role of the power plants, and various types of power plants which are commonly used, including gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear. It also discussed the advantages of using AC power compared to DC power.

I believe this website is very reliable due to the consistency of information when compared to other sites on the same topic. The website is also critically acclaimed for being a credible and unbiased source of information. Although the article is 10 years old, the information discussed is very general and has not seen many changes over the last decade, making it still relevant in today's society.

The article contained many pictures and diagrams to help the reader understand the concepts and information in the text. The greatest benefit of the diagrams is that the text directly relates to them, making them more understandable. It also contained a few videos to help summarise and reinforce some of the information contained in the article. These videos are very good at providing a short and concise overview without having to read all of the text.

Overall, I found this article to be very useful and relevant to my topic area. It gave a great overview of power grids which will be very valuable whilst planning and organising my project.


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