Strategic Plan II

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Technology in the Pet shop business is very important because it will provide the organization with better methods to control customer's accounts and inventory. The company technological structure will be formed by computers, telecommunication devices, and other office devices such as fax, and printer. The computer system, will organize the data in a traditional file environment so that information can be access and retrieve instantly. A scheduling client database program will be utilized to maintain appointments and client information in an organized manner. The telecommunication devices will consist of cellular, 2-way radios and telephones. This will allow for immediate communication with dog walkers and will offer instant communication assistance if any problems should arise.

Weakness. Dependence on technology can be a problem, if the system or systems fails operation of the business can come to a halt. In order to minimize this weakness a manual back up system needs to be available in order to continue operations while the main system is down.

Opportunities. As new technologies evolve keeping track of appointments, customer records and the overall efficiency of the business operation will improve.

Threats. Security threats pose a serious problem for any organization and specially ours that use current technology as the internet to do business. Reliance in technology could expose the organization to the following threats:

•Private information could be received and withheld

•Private e-mails could be read.

•Private records could be obtained and released.

•Private Usernames and passwords could be acquired by the unauthorized user Trends.

The technology trend for this type of business is to offer merchandize and services through the internet. This trend is geared to the customers who prefer doing business over the internet. Following this trend will increase the business competitive advantage.

Global Strengths. One of the strengths that the company has is...