Strawberry Creek Environmental Impact Assessment

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Strawberry Creek Environmental Impact Assessment

Proposed Site:

Lab and Office building with an adjacent parking lot capable of holding 50 cars. A short distance up Centennial Drive from Strawberry Canyon swimming pools. Proposal includes planting some Monterrey pines as part of landscaping.

Geographic and Historical Setting:

On the north side of Strawberry Creek. The location of the proposed site should be seen from Centennial Drive by looking north at the hills. The headwaters of Strawberry Creek 37 degrees 52' 30" N; 122 degrees 15'30"W) are located in Strawberry and Blackberry Canyons above the UC Berkeley, campus. There are two branches - the North and South Forks. These two forks converge at the central part of campus and as it leaves the main campus, the creek enters a culvert that flows beneath the Berkeley Town and into the central SF Bay.

Factors to Consider:

Endangered species.

The Alameda Country whip snake has been found.

Small wetland gets its moisture from a small spring that bubbles up along a small fault

Plume of tritium

Factors of geology

Flow of water on surface and ground

Vegetation and environmental issues - the site is mostly fire-prone vegetation: woody shrubs, grasses, Monterrey pine trees, and eucalyptus trees.

Parking lot must have an impervious surface

Centennial Drive - addition of a small spur road from Centennial Drive to get people to the lab's parking lot.

What we can learn from past projects and cases:

Strawberry Creek on the University of California, Berkeley Campus: A case history of urban stream restoration by Robert Charbonneau and Vincent H. Resh(1992)

A case history of urban stream restoration


Extensive development in Strawberry's Creek's catchment has permanently altered the hydrologic arrangement of the creek.

The different water flow accelerates erosion and degrades the...