Summary of the Chapters of "Crimes of the Internet"

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Section 1: Chapter 1: Sexual addiction to the internet: From curiosity to compulsive behavior

By: Michael Pittario

The thesis of this article is to discuss the emerging addictive disorder that is difficult to detect and challenging to control caused by pornography. The search for internet pornography has become a compulsive addiction to millions, mostly men, who spend countless hours viewing, downloading, and exchanging explicit sexual images and movies, including child pornography. Thus this has become a psychiatric behavior which is getting hard to control. Sexual pornography has crossed all boundaries, from ethics, religions, to races and background experiences. However, in conclusion, anything that can safely, quickly, and completely satisfy such basic human desires is becoming an addiction to some. Also internet has become the new playground for the child molester. Therefore, more empirical analysis is required which can yield better results regarding strategy suggestions, and treatment options which are inexpensive and more effective.

Some of the data and information used supporting the conclusion includes, the guidelines from preventions and inventions, treatments for sexual addiction such as inpatient, outpatient and aftercare support and self help groups, data from the behavioral economics model to internet addiction and information on different treatments regarding pornography are derived from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The social bond theory can be used for the study of sexual addiction to the Internet as to how some people may be more at risk of developing such behaviors.

So many people use the internet these days mainly for information purpose yet there are others who use the internet for some other purpose such as sexual interactions which are available online. However men and women are using the internet for cyber sex equally. The reason why people are becoming...