Tactical Roles of HR

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Tactical Roles of HR

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Critical Issues in Human Resource Management


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March 14, 2010



Tactical Roles of HR

This paper will discuss the different roles of a HR manager.

It will also address the tactical roles of a HR manager, and the roles a HR manager has as a coach or an advisor. Tactical Roles of Human Resource Management The tactical role that Human Resource Manager plays in an organization symbolizes a deep knowledge of the work systems design in which the personnel of the organization deliver the best and contribute to the organization success. This role of the HR encompasses such activities like the design of certain work positions, the hiring and the rewards that are given to employees, the pay, and performance developments appraisals, and the career and succession planning and employee development (Heathfield, n.d.) Human Resources as a Coach The human resources professional plays a crucial role as a coach to the...