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Taffe's Ice Land Improving Profitability


Taffe's Ice Land Improving Profitability


Ty Taffe has been quite effective in creating his fortune through his business which he named as Taffe's Iceland. People have got very much attached with his style of business and what he brings to the table. Besides his Ice rink business he also runs a hockey program. Infact his hockey program was launched earlier than his Iceland business. Therefore he is able to get more money from his hockey venture than his Iceland. It is not all that same as he is able to get more profit sometimes but sometimes it is almost below his expectations (Perreault, McCarthy & Cannon, 2009).


Taffe's Ice Land Ty Taffe, the manager of Taffe's Ice Land, is trying to decide what strategies to use to increase profits. Taffe's Ice Land is an ice-skating rink with a conventional hockey rink surface (85 feet X 200 feet).

It is the only indoor ice rink in a northern U~S. city of about 450,000. The city's recreation department operates some outdoor rinks in the winter, hut they don't offer regular ice skating programs because of weather variability.

Ty runs a successful hockey program that is more than breaking even but this is about all he can expect if he only schedules hockey. To try to increase his profits, Ty is trying to expand and improve his public skating program. With such a program, he could have as many as 700 people in a public session, at one time, instead of limiting the use of the ice to 12 to 24 hockey players per hour (Perreault, McCarthy & Cannon, 2009). While the receipts from hockey can be as high as $200 an hour (plus concession sales),