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Team selection is an important element in a project. The team dynamites can make or break the project. Team selection and the strategy building process can present different obstacles for the project manager, the team, and success of the project. To a project manager steps to a successful project starts with proper resource/team selection, establishing team-building strategies, setting conflict resolution steps in place, and defining a clear SOW.

The project manager is responsible for ensuring the accomplishments of the group, the organizational goals, and objectives (Kerzner, 2006). Has a project manager the task of selecting resources and teams can become overwhelming (Kerzner, 2006). The project manager for FWP could use the following processes to assemble a team. Pair the skills and experience of staff to the required task. Set exceptions and define SOW clearly from the beginning. Select individuals who have worked successfully on past projects. If necessary, outsource contract workers for a particular tasks or period.

Project manager would define goals, and establish a clear time-period for completion of project. The project manager should contract someone of similar quality, comparable skills, and experience. New hires should fit within the dynamites of the team with little to no disruption to the team or project. Selecting capable individuals to fit a specific task(s) can become overwhelming, but done incorrectly could have ominous consequences.

An experienced project manager understands the characteristics and functions involved in establishing an effective team, and understand the need to have team-building strategies in place. The project manager should establish team-building strategies that will empower and motivate. Members of the team should work with the understanding his or her area of expertise is of value to the group and project. Develop a participatory style, listen, and acknowledge team members point of views. Create an atmosphere for open and...