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Media in the courtroom

Marie Milord


March 7, 2010

Jessie C. Borgman

The irrelevant ones sitting in the courtrooms are the jury themselves, the verdict can be found in the hands of the media. One could only assume in which direction this is going but for some clarity, this is the result of a new era of "media in the courtroom." This isn't just so much of the way the case may turn out with the jury but this is about what cameras sitting in a courtroom do to society. The topic of this discussion is the mere effects of the media becoming involved in the judicial system.

The uncertainty amongst the jury is nothing new; there have been cases of a hanging jury or even mistrials because the jury can't seem to come to a concrete decision. However, with the media as their backbone and the battery the media uses to toy with their minds; is the direct downfall of the media being in the courtroom.

However, this isn't all their handy work does; it can range from a person getting totally acquitted, found guilty, or ending a trial with a hung jury. So let us begin, shall we?

There is a new line up of attendance in the courtroom these days. The following attendees are present: the judge; lawyers; opposing parties; the supporting families and a back row army full of media. The cameras are rolling and the microphones are on.

(Conan, 2009) personally interviewed Honorable Judge Gary Randal (District Court of Douglas County, Nebraska) in which he confirms that the courts are aware of the media and their presence. According to the interview by Neal Conan with the judge, not even the jury can be expected to...