Thinking and Decision Making

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Thinking and Decision Making

University of Phoenix

Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

MGT 350

June 17, 2010



Decision-making and critical thinking are both used daily, if people realize it or not. People go through their daily lives thinking critically and making decisions. Knowing that there are many different styles to thinking can help or deter a person to making the right decision. Although critical thinking and decision making have their similarities, they are quite different as you will see from the following text. �

Thinking and Decision Making

Thinking is an effortless action people do daily without understanding the type of thinking is being used or the impact the thinking might lead. Many different types of thinking are applied to everyday life but the effect that the thought has is based on the decision making process.

All the different thinking styles and the decision made be that thought process have a distinctive connection in the detail that the kind of thinking style that is being used is directly related to the decision that is being made. Decision making requires recognizing an indicator as a dilemma. An indication is a marker of something that seems to be the problem. When a decision must be made several different thinking styles can be utilized to arrive to the best decision possible and a decision that is favorable to all participants involved. This paper will consider how optimistic, emotional, scientific and logical thinking can affect the decision making process.

Emotional Thinking

Emotional thinking entails thinking on an individual's present state of mind. An emotional thinking style has a propensity to ignore logic or facts and basis thinking only on a...