Total Quality Management

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Nowadays quality has been widely used in various fields and even develop to a management philosophy which is total quality management (TQM). TQM as a managerial tool assists many organizations in their culture and management to get their business success.

This report outlines the concept of quality and the historical overview of quality. It explains how quality turn to today's TQM. From TQM would bring out this report's topic, focus on customer value which is the key point of view comes from TQM. It also comes with customer identified and the significance and importance of focus on customer value. Highlight how to focus on customer value in organizations and make the customer value processes.


Definition of quality

In daily life people often referred to "high quality" restaurant or "low quality" products, and everyone pretended to understand its meaning. Actually the meaning of quality is comprehensive, it can not only used good or bad, high or low to define and measure.

Narrowly interpreted, quality means quality of product. Broadly interpreted, quality means quality of service, quality of information, quality of people, quality of work, quality of division, quality of process, quality of organization, etc (Ishikawa, 1985).

Now more popular definition of quality is from the customer's view, quality is the user of a product or related service to meet the level of measurement. So quality is the life of the product and service. The concept of customer value represents a dramatic improvement over the traditional approach to quality, the "conformance to specified standards" approach (Bounds et al; 1994)

Historical overview of quality movement

The historical overview of quality through four distinct eras: inspection, statistical quality control, quality assurance and strategic quality management (Garvin, 1988).





Turn to TQM+ explanation of TQM

TQM is a...