Total Quality Management

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Running head: Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Silvia C. McGhee


Marc Najem

University of Phoenix

January 11, 2010

Total Quality Management is an important concept for many organizations. The concept

can have a significant impact on an organization and its resources. Total quality management

(TQM) focuses on customer needs.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach to quality assurance that emphasizes a thorough understanding by all members of a production unit of the needs and desires of the ultimate service recipients, a viewpoint of wishing to provide service to internal, intermediate service recipients in the chain of service, and a knowledge of how to use specific data-related techniques to assess and improve the quality of their own and the team's outputs (Healthcare and Workforce Improvement, 2009). TQM is about providing customers the quality products and services that they want. TQM is achieved through feedback received from the customer about what they want to see in a product or service.

Organizations operating on a global level must understand that in order to stay in the global market they will have to focus on the global customer. The growth of the global market has placed pressure on companies of all sizes to put out the latest products to customers as quickly as they can (Indian institute of materials management, 2009). Globalization is one factor that his driven companies to expand to other areas of the world. The expansion allows companies to launch products to customers in multiple locations to meet customer needs. In addition, companies use the multiple locations as learning grounds for product development (Indian institute of materials management).

Another factor to consider along with TQM is cultural and ethic backgrounds. Catering to customers in the global market means that research will...