Total Quality Pioneers Paper

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Total Quality Pioneers


Total Quality Pioneers Paper


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Total Quality Pioneers Paper

Every person eventually deals with the word quality, whether it is shopping for groceries, clothing or when purchasing a home. Quality can be defined differently by everyone; many believe quality is in the eye of the beholder. This paper will define quality and its elements, describe how the quality pioneer's use of the total quality elements made the pioneers successful, what is foreseen in the future of quality and finally explain why the elements of quality are useful in today's environment.

Quality and its Elements

The word quality can have many different definitions. First, a person will need to understand quality. Quality will depend on the persons business or values. For example, when a person goes out to each they choose which restaurant they want to go too based on their quality.

The customer will consider the quality of service given at the restaurant, response time, price, food selection, and atmosphere before choosing to attend. Fred Smith, CEO of Federal express once defined quality as "performance to the standard expected by the consumer". The major key elements a business must have are having a strategic plan, must have a customer focus mentality, obsession with quality, scientific approach, long-term commitment, and team work. There are a few more elements that can be applied to the total quality technique but these I feel are the core elements.

Pioneers Success with Total Quality

Total quality is not just one concept; it is many concepts put together by business owners who then created an extensive method to do business. All contributors of the total quality approach had different issues with their business and used this approach to help solve the issues.