Tuition Reimbursement

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Tuition Reimbursement

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Tuition Reimbursement

DigiCon is a growing company and we need trained loyal employees. In order to find these employees to fill our needs we need to offer tuition reimbursement. Training new employees is hard and expensive work for any manager. Finding employees who will stay with the company causing fewer turnovers is always a goal. With tuition reimbursement we can find loyal trained employees and take our company to the next level. This is a positive step into the right direction for DigiCon; we will be able to offer our employees new opportunities that other companies do not.

There is a bunch of professional opportunities for employees to fill in DigiCon. Most of our positions can be worked up into by our employees with a bachelor's degree in business or communication.

DigiCon needs a financial manager who can set up budgets for our projects. Then we need project managers who can become team leaders and make sure the project is done under budget and on time. A senior account can lead the accounting department to make sure that we are operating in the black and take full advantage of any tax breaks that DigiCon qualifies for. A market manager needs a communication specialist; market managers are responsible for marketing DigiCon's products to our consumers. With a communication specialist they can make sure that DigiCon's message is heard in the most professional and appealing way possible to our audience. DigiCon needs an executive assistant to do research on new projects. This research would be supportive by their statistical reports and handle all information request from personal and customers. This person will be in charge of receiving and handling of all...