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Bad Behaviour Of UK Teens


Bad Behaviour Of UK Teens


The society of today tries very hard in order to present itself in a decent manner. Teen, and late pre-teen, years are by far some of the most stressful of years of ones lives. With hormones flying all over the place and mood swings, friends, and fashions changing practically by the hour, people will strive to fit in. Standing out in this media-crazed generation is not exactly the best way to be accepted by classmates. Popularity is, to most people of this generation, essential (Jon, 2007, pp 450-451).


One of the biggest nightmares that parents face is when their kids transform into the teenagers. It is the age where children tend to be a rebel and are in no position to accept the limitations. The parents wish their children don't harm themselves in the process. The children or teenagers as one may say, tend to pay no heed to the advice of their parents.

In process they begin to argue and run away from their homes too. It is almost impossible for the parents to deal with their kids in a positive manner.

The parents are a wonderful gift of God and they still try to make peace with their kids, despite that the kids turn harsh on them. They continue to keep on communication despite of their classless behaviour towards their parents. The way a teenager may respond to any negotiation is paradox to that of the school kids. For this purpose parents are the one to make compromises to see their child happy. According to the many researchers, parents are not the one to blame for their children's ravish behaviour.

Parents are not to blame for the rise in bad behaviour among teenagers, research suggests...