Ups Diversity Audit: Businesses as a Rule Consist of Various Structures, Whether in its People, Customers, or Board Members. With That Being Said, I Have Chosen to Audit the Diversity Within the Global Organization: United Parcel Service (ups).

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HR582 - Managing Global Diversity �

UPS Diversity Audit

By: Thessia carpenter

HR582 - Managing Global Diversity

Instructor: Terry Shipe


Table of Contents

3Executive Summary �

3Diversity Audit �

3I. UPS Organizational Background �

3I.1. Corporate History �

4I.2. Corporate Business Culture and Scale �

4I.3. Delivery Service Industry �

4I.4. Operational Management �

5I.5. Technology and Innovation in UPS �

5II. Selected Criteria �

6II.1. Diversity Audit Background �

6II.2. Audit Criteria �

7III. Diversity Management in UPS �

7III.1. Diversity of UPS people �

8III.2. Diversity of UPS Community �

8III.3. Diversity of UPS Customers �

8III.4. UPS Supplier Diversity �

9III.5. UPS Diversity in Board Members �

9IV. Evaluation of UPS Diversity Initiatives �

9IV.1. Feedback Facility �

10IV.2. Employee benefits �

10IV.3. Benchmarking and Cooperation �

11IV.4. Diversity Initiatives Objectives �

11IV.5. Business Culture �

11IV.6. Mentoring and Training Program �

12IV.7. Reward System �

12IV.8. Customers and Supplier Satisfaction �

12IV.9. Teamwork �

13IV.10. Recruitment �

13IV.11. Employee Retention and Career Advancement �

13IV.12. Demographic and Representation �

14IV.13. Corporate Reputation �

14V. Recommendations �

16Bibliography �


Executive Summary

Businesses as a rule consist of various structures, whether in its people, customers, or board members. With that being said, I have chosen to audit the diversity within the global organization: United Parcel Service (UPS). The diverse makeup of this company shows the assorted roles within each department from corporate management down to the actual labor force doing the work. Conversely, without proper management skills, managers could neglect to acknowledge the role of each part of the corporate structure. Consequently, a distinctive form of audit is necessary, an audit that can deliver information of how well UPS manages the diversity of its resources. In order to perform this audit properly, a...