Valley Manufacturing Company: Supply Chain

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Running Head: Supply Chain

Valley Manufacturing Company: Supply Chain


Valley Manufacturing Company: Supply Chain

The Valley Manufacturing Company confronts the problem of excess level of inventory, which ultimately raises the problem of space. VMC is still operating in same services in which it started, but with a primitively thought of without operations of the congregation. This problem gives rise to the inefficiency in the on-going production process as in this situation; the plant's layout has become ineffective and unmanageable.

To cope with these critical problems, Frank and Greg have determined various targets that will finally add to the overall objectives of the organization i.e. better delivery, quality and dilute cost. In this situation, I would like to add human resources in the organization or supply chain because it helps in moving the company's product or service from provider to consumer. With the help of human resources, Frank and Greg easily evaluate the need to reintegrate the main processes of the business from ultimate buyers by original suppliers.

In the company, the productivity and skills of the competent workforce is essential for the existence of a human resources department. With the helps of the human resources, management enables to mingle organization with the management of resources, which directly or indirectly helps in diluting the obsolete cost and also better space utilization. The main feature of human resources management is the assimilation. In addition to this, the human resources of the organization is mainly treated as the part of the management because it chiefly helps in contributing value to the product & service delivery, improves the quality of work like for employees and help to check the uninterrupted organizational success in the competitive environment (Sims, 2002).

With the assistance of the human resources practices, management of VMC easily conforms...