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In today's society, people hold many different belief and value systems. Whether it is cultural or religious, political or simply family tradition, they all require a delicate approach in order to effectively teach and discuss personal subjects, especially in a group or classroom setting. It is of the utmost importance to teach students about value-sensitive subjects with a sense of understanding, confidentiality, impartialness and objectiveness in a structured, comfortable, and safe environment in order to provide the patients with the best possible care.

In order to effectively teach people value-sensitive subjects in this particular arena, personal opinions need to be avoided in order to allow the student's to become more open to discuss sensitive subjects amongst a group setting or classrooms. The idea of the discussion is not necessarily to reach a resolution or a majority rule but rather to produce a type of forum in the classroom that enhances the students learning experience and to teach them that different attitudes are a part of the process and how to better deal with those mind-sets.

Subjects such as sex, STD's, HIV, religion, drug abuse, and even healthcare decisions can be very difficult to discuss with, for the most part, complete strangers. For the teacher, trying to teach these subjects especially in groups, can lead to confusion, arguments, and even aggression among the group if not handled in an appropriately structured environment that provides a sense of trust from its leader. As stated by Bradshaw & Lowenstein (2007), "Affective learning is enhanced when an atmosphere of trust has been built among the classroom participants." Once this sense of trust has been established and the confidence of the group is made with the teacher, the learning process becomes "nonthreatening and nonjudgmental" (Bradshaw & Lowenstein, 2007)

In reference to the potential...