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Leadership Style

Leadership and motivation styles vary from person to person. Managers should know and understand their leadership style and how that particular type of leadership affects their workplace. Leadership is influenced by many things. For this reason it seems important to know how and why your leadership style that particular way. Many factors contribute to the way a leadership style is developed within a person. The person's personality and way of thinking are also major contributors to a leadership style. The following will discuss leadership styles, and the Leadership and Team Self-Management Assessment.

Leadership is the ability to provide purpose, direction and motivation to followers. One person who was fabulous at doing this was Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr. provided purpose to people during the Civil Rights Movement. He was able to get his point across to people and to make them realize that in order to make a change in their lives; they had to stand up for their beliefs.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave many people of the 50's and 60's a purpose to live. That purpose was spun into one of the most historical memories of our countries colorful past.

The direction that was provided by Martin Luther King Jr. was like no other direction that had been given. He was leading people into harm's way and yet directing them to take a non-violent approach. The mentorship that he gave to the young and old alike was like that of no other. People of that time had not been spoken to like he was speaking to them. His followers were in such awe of the things that he was telling them. They were in such awe of the direction that he was leading them in. It was unimaginable to most people of that...