Voluntary Simplicity and WouldiIt Work in Sri Lanka?

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What is Voluntary Simplicity and would it work in Sri Lanka?

A study on the benefits of the Voluntary Simplicity ideology in today's society


Voluntary Simplicity

What is it and how does it apply to Sri Lankan society?

We live in times where consumerism has taken over society and those who have endeavored to realize their lifelong dreams are now facing countless problems, ranging from their homes being repossessed to bankruptcy, which is not only due to the prevailing financial crisis but also a by product of the rat race of life in the modern era. This has brought about a realization among many people that they have allowed material possessions and money take control of their lives, causing them to desire more and more as these possessions eventually do not satisfy their needs, thus rejuvenating the concept of voluntary simplicity and generating a large amount of interest in the Voluntary Simplicity Movement.

With dozens of books pertaining to the art of simple living hitting the shelves every year, some even going on to become bestsellers, and more and more celebrity personalities such as Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart joining the cause, the Voluntary Simplicity Movement has been gaining immense popularity across the social spectrum among North Americans and the western world in recent years and has transformed into the best solution to effectively combat most of the problems of modern society. However, it remains to be seen whether it would have the same effect in non-western nations. The purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the concept of voluntary simplicity as well as discussing the Voluntary Simplicity Movement and finally, to analyze the viability of implementing this ideology in Sri Lanka.

What is voluntary simplicity?

Fleming, A.R.