Whats the Hype about Entourage?

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March 25, 2009

What's the hype about Entourage

Entertainment Weekly

The hit HBO original series Entourage is one of the most prolific shows to ever run on the channel, and is one of the most popular. Even though the show is in the 6th season it is not to late to watch and see what the buzz is about. The show tends to engulf any viewer who sits down to watch the show for even a second, and turns them into full time viewers. Entourage shows the lives that we all wish we could live, and make all the characters seem real. The show offers extreme comedy, drama, love, and many other key aspects of a hit T.V. show. I will personally turn any non believer of this shows talent into complete Entourage enthusiasts by only giving background of what the show is about, and an in depth view into each of the shows many characters.

Entourage focuses on an Actor named Vincent Chases, his brother, and his two best friends who are all from Queens New York. The show starts with the boys moving out to L.A. where Vince pursues his acting career. Once in L.A. Vince meets his agent, and everything goes off from there. The viewers are shown what it is really like to really be famous, and live like a star. The show is so intriguing because the viewer is shown amazing parties, lavish houses, and celebrity cameos on almost every episode. Entourage can make anyone feel like they could be there because they are a group of normal guys who just worked hard, and got lucky that their best friend had amazing acting skills. Throughout the six seasons the viewer is shown highs and lows, extreme wealth, and times of complete hardships. The show...