Why do the Poor Perform Poorly?

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Why do the poor perform poorly? i

How does a household income affect education in Pre-K through sixth grade?

January 8, 2002 then President Bush signed into law the No child Left Behind Act. A series of policies and laws put into place in a effort to hold schools accountable for the success of the children they teach. It was clear that there was a socioeconomic divide among poor children and privileged children, rapidly on its way to making the underprivileged a permanent underclass.

The No child left behind act was designed to target the achievement gaps found in America's schools. It was founded on 4 principles.

Stronger Accountability for Results

More Freedom for States and Communities

Proven Education Methods


More Choices for Parents

Although this initiative was much needed and seemed to be carefully thought out, it did not address one of the fundamental issues causing the achievement gap-Poverty.

With a stronger accountability for results, the government will be holding leadership liable for it's failures. With more freedom for states and communities, you now give each society a voice, a platform for concern and a opportunity to put into action change. Proven educational methods may work for some, but what do you do with the children those methods don't work for? More choices for parents? Well what type of parent was in mind when this act was established, it certainly wasn't the one living in a below poverty level household.

The poorer the student the less likely they are to perform as well as an affluent student in the same grade. The black child poverty rate in Wisconsin in 2007 was approximately between 52%-55% with a NAEP grade 4 math score of 212, while the black poverty rate in New Jersey was approximately 18%-20% with a NAEP grade...