Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

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Crystal Mitchell

Dr. Taylor

English 102

26 April 2005

The Constitution gives the right to the people to make their own decisions which should not be influenced or altered by the government. Smoking is a health risk whether it is tobacco or marijuana but the government has made a decision on which is illicit and licit. People are allowed to skydive, drive cars, and drink alcohol which all have many known health risk but is not shunned upon by government or society . Sure, smoking marijuana does put others at minimal risk through second hand smoke and the user's actions towards others, but similar outcomes could occur with the abuse for alcohol and tobacco. This is why the abuse of the drug such as driving while under the influence should remain illegal. The legalization of marijuana should be based on the health risks compared to tobacco and alcohol; and the benefits in the health field.

The American social order sees marijuana as a drug that corrupts the lives and minds of our young people, and is a horrible sin that should remain illegal. Marijuana is said to not have a redeeming value when it is said by Dr. Manuel Guzman of Complutence University in Madrid that recent studies show that when marijuana was tested it was proven to better the nature of cancer. Marijuana is also said to lower the pressure of glaucoma as much as 25%, as well as help patients who have AIDS. The only way AIDS patients can avoid the wasting syndrome, in which they lose much of their body mass because of an inability to keep down foods, is by taking cannabinoids through smoking marijuana, eating it in brownies or cookies, or by taking a prescription pill, Marinol, which contains the cannabinoid THC, the primary...