The Word with Infinite Definitions

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The Word with Infinite Definitions

Love, what is love? I love the word love. It has so many different meanings and concepts.

Love is a complicated word. It relates to many other words. It does not have a set definition. I personally think love will never get a set definition or, for that matter, even have a main or general definition, because the definition is personal. We love other people, we fall in love, we love to do things, we love to have things, and there are so many other forms of love; the possibilities are endless.

To consider first, love versus lust. Many people confuse the emotions of love and lust, and for that matter, confuse the actions of love and lust. Equally confused, is the idea of liking someone, which is similar to both lust and love. Love at first sight, how many times have you heard that saying? It is a nice concept, but I also believe love comes over time.

I think that lust at first sight, or like at first sight is more feasible. In the book Psychology in Action 8th ed., Karen Huffman defines Romantic love as "Intense feeling of attraction to another within an erotic context and with future expectations." (Huffman 588) In this definition it is easy to see how love, lust and even like, can be confused. Perhaps, all these emotions are so confusing because they all begin with the letter L. More likely is that all these words share similar components to an extent and all consist of infinite definitions that somewhat intertwine with each other.

There is a fine line between love and hate; how many times have you heard someone say that? I have felt that same way. I have been so...