Write a discussion on Robert Frost’s ‘’Mending Wall’’

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Write a discussion on Robert Frost's ''Mending Wall''

Frost wrote several dramatic poems on life. "Mending Wall" is a dramatic narrative poem cast in forty-five lines of blank verse. Its title is very interesting because it is ambiguous, in that "mending" can be taken either as a verb or an adjective. Considered with "mending" as a verb, the title refers to the activity that the poem's speaker and his neighbour perform in repairing the wall between their two farms. It is a mere physical activity. With "mending" considered as an adjective, the title suggests that the wall serves a more subtle function: as a "mending" wall, it keeps the relationship between the two neighbours in good harmony. "Mending" is a word with very positive connotations. It is like healing and bringing together.

The poem is written in first person Point of View. This person ( speaker) seems to resemble the poet.

The speaker and poet are alike in many ways. Both the speaker and Frost own New England farms, and both show a penchant for humour, mischief, and philosophical speculation about life, life's choices, nature, relationships, and language. Nevertheless, a close study of the poem reveals that Frost maintains an ironic distance between himself and the speaker, for the poem conveys a wider examination of the issues surrounding life itself, than the speaker seems to comprehend.

As is the case with most of his poems, Frost writes "Mending Wall" in the idiom of New England speech. For example, the lines "they have left not one stone on a stone,/ But they would have the rabbit out of hiding" could be interpreted as "they would not leave a single stone on top of another if they were trying to drive a rabbit out of hiding."

The poem also has...